Jane Alm, Senior Investment Advisor, National Bank Financial

Partner, Angus Watt Advisory Group

Jane Alm

Jane has worked with Angus Watt since 1980, and has been with National Bank Financial since 1982. She became a partner of the Angus Watt Advisory Group in 2006.

Jane is an expert in North American income products ranging from overnight money to long-term securities. Providing leadership and lending her knowledge of options strategies, wealth management, retirement planning and asset allocation, she offers experience that ensures clients are comfortable with their investments and decisions.

Her patience and philosophy of working one-on-one with our clients provides a better understanding of how the Advisory Group works to meet their individual investment goals.

Why choose the Angus Watt Advisory Group?
We provide exceptional service, and we’re always there to listen. It’s our clients’ money, we want them to sleep at night and be comfortable with their investments.