Angus’ Markets and More with 4 special Global News Reporters

We are so pleased that Angus had the opportunity to share a dream experience with 4 very special children today on Global. These 4 wonderful kids from the Kids with Cancer Society had a chance to be a Global News Reporter for the day!

As many of you know, each of these kids have a beaded string marking the journey they are on as they go through their cancer treatments. The Kids with Cancer Society help make that journey a bit easier through special experiences, and support. Global is incredibly proud to be a bright part of many of these kids journeys – whenever a child appears on Global Edmonton (for an interview, sharing their story, in a promo, or when they become a Global News Reporter for a Day!) they receive a special Global Edmonton bead. This bead is then added to their personal bead string and Global becomes a part of something special.

Today Angus had the pleasure of meeting the latest junior Global News Reporters:

SHELBY (age 9)
HAILEY (age 10)
CHANTAL (age 7)
IDAN (age 10)

This Dream Experience is one of many auctioned off at the annual Beaded Journeys Gala held in the Spring. This year’s dream experience was generously purchased by Ralph Young and our very own, Angus Watt for $6,000 giving 4 incredible kids the opportunity to be a Global News Reporter for a Day! Angus joined them in-studio for his Markets and More report and had the chance to meet these incredible kids.