March 14th, 2015 – Learn with Edmonton’s best from the world’s best!

What a great opportunity to learn with Edmonton’s best from the world’s best!

We are pleased to share that DEXIO (Developing Excellence In Others) will be hosting a Conference Saturday, March 14th 2015 featuring world renowned speaker and leader: Stephen M.R. Covey. Our very own Angus Watt will be attending this action packed event and will be part of a Panel Discussion on the topic of Business, Leadership and the Alberta Economy alongside James Cumming (Entrepreneur, Investor and Community Leader) and Robert McGarvey (Genuine Wealth Co-Founder and Partner).

DEXIO is committed to helping individuals develop personal excellence and this year’s conference boasts an impressive lineup of leading experts who will present on a variety of topics. These events include sessions addressing business, communication, leadership, relationships and so much more.

Register to attend the DEXIO 2015 Conference HERE and be prepared to be inspired. This is one event that may challenge your thinking, motivate a personal change and assist you in living a life of excellence!

“Success is not defined by how good we are, but by how much heart we put into being the absolute best that we can be.” (Courtesy of