2013 Awards of Excellence

On behalf of the National Bank Financial Group, it is our privilege and utmost pleasure to announce that your Investment Advisors, Mr. Angus Watt, Ms. Jane Alm and Ms. Jan Frederickson, have been awarded the prize for “Wealth Management Excellence” for the Alberta & Okanagan region.

This prize, bestowed on an annual basis, recognizes Investment Advisors who have demonstrated excellence in managing their clients’ assets. Mr. Watt, Ms. Alm and Ms. Frederickson have not only shown proof of their extensive dedication to the well-being of their clients, but have also distinguished themselves by guiding their clients towards achieving their Wealth Management goals in estate, financial and retirement planning as well as other products such as insurance and benefits programs.

We congratulate Mr. Watt, Ms. Alm and Ms. Frederickson and are very proud to denote the exemplary work of our Investment Advisors who continue to make a difference with our loyal clients on a daily basis.

Dennis Stewner
Senior Vice President, National Manager