10 Second Headlines


Bond Market Trends + Yields on 2 year US notes are 0.71% close to the low in January 2009 of 0.66%. Yields on US 10 year bonds are 3.14% their recent low was 2.05%… Read More


Wage Deflation in the US? + US wage rates have not budged since January 1, 2010. + Demand for labor is not keeping pace with the supply. + Total pool of labor available is… Read More


Australia Mining Tax + Proposed uniform 40% “Resources Super Profits Tax” to be implemented July 1, 2012 + Rio Tinto is threatening to shelve their expansion plans in Australia. Baron’s Big Money Poll +… Read More


Global Housing Market + Canada – homebuilders are now adding 200,000 annualized new homes vs the 175,000 required to meet the demand from first time buyers. + Royal Bank has increased 5 year posted… Read More


Focus on the Bank of Canada (BoC) + The BoC signaled it may be the first in the Group of 7 to increase borrowing costs, joining India and Australia. + Poor productivity, the low… Read More


Is this a bull market “Climbing a Wall of Worry”? + Big banks are getting recapitalized. Example: Bank of America’s earnings explode. + Big tech companies start rehiring – Intel plans to add 2,000… Read More


Global View of the Canadian dollar – Higher or Lower? + Canada is a safe-haven currency given our stable monetary and fiscal policy. + Canada’s resource base is ensuring our participation in the global… Read More


Quebec’s Response in our 9th Step of Economic Recovery + The budget announced this week introduced new sources of revenue and tighter control of spending. + A second 1% increase will bring QST to… Read More


Interest Rates + Average Prime Rate in Canada for the past 10 years is 4.87%, currently prime is 2.25%, the lowest rate in the past 10 years. + Average posted 5 Year Mortgage Rate… Read More


China + 1 in 2 Chinese are unhappy over inflation . Premier Wen Jiabao said that inflation, along with income inequality and corruption could upset social stability and undermine the power of the state.… Read More