10 Second Headlines


Friday News Summary + Canada July CPI up 0.5% m/m vs a decline of 0.1% in June; the increase was due to energy and HST; ‘Core’ CPI up 1.6% on a y/y + Alberta… Read More


GM –Quarterly Profit and IPO + Q2 earnings of $1.3 bill vs $865 mill Q1, best since 2004. + Global production up 47% vs a year ago. + Revenue rose to $33.2 bill vs… Read More


10 Second Headlines of the Week – July 23 2010 European Stress Test (results) + 84 of 91 European banks have enough capital to withstand a recession and sovereign debt crisis with a Tier… Read More


10 Second Headlines of the Week – July 9, 2010 Canada + Alberta’s recent petroleum land sale set a record of $2,084.86 per hectare, dominated by natural gas plays. + Canada aims to double… Read More


10 Second Headlines of the Week July 2, 2010 The World at a Glance Canada + Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney will chair the Committee on the Global Financial System (CGFS) starting July… Read More


10 Second Headlines of the Week – June 25, 2010 G20 Week + The official theme of the G20 Summit is “Recovery and New Beginnings” and marks the standoff between ‘stimulus’ (USA) and ‘austerity’… Read More


FW: 10 Second Headlines – June 18, 2010 10 Second Headlines of the Week – June 18, 2010 British Budget + The focus next week will be on the UK budget and the deepest… Read More


North America + To date, 82% of corporations are beating 2nd quarter earnings estimates and only 68% are beating top line revenues but over 80% of the economic indicators over the past month have… Read More


A Second Stimulus Package for the US? + Presidential Advisor, Larry Summers, has recommended that Congress pass another $200 billion stimulus bill this year. + Half a dozen states are delaying tax refunds until… Read More


10 Second Headlines of the Week – August 6, 2010 Wheat + Russia, the world’s 3rd largest grower of wheat, has banned the exporting of wheat from August 15th to December 31st due to… Read More