10 Second Headlines


Wednesday, November 3rd US election will be history. Federal Reserve announcement, market is looking for Quantitative Easing of $500 billion to $4 trillion (buying assets to provide liquidity and keep interest rates low). GDP… Read More


Quantitative Easing China (QEC) + China is buying Greek bonds, and that has driven yields down to under 9% from over 12%. They are also buying other European bonds and assets in strategic industries… Read More


US + A Chinese economist stated that the US is deliberately devaluing the dollar, creating a bad precedent for the rest of the world. + Ben Bernanke said today that high unemployment and low… Read More


Japan – Recommitted to stimulating their economy + Bank of Japan announced a $60 billion US quantitative easing program allowing them to purchase commercial paper and more importantly REIT’s. + Government approved $61 billion… Read More


Canada + Consumer Confidence Index fell to 78.1 in September vs. 79.3 in August, this was the fourth consecutive decline. + Help-wanted index jumped 8% in August, increasing in 5 of 8 months this… Read More


US Economy + At the Federal Reserve meeting this week they expressed their willingness to act alone if needed, providing a “Bernanke put” for the economy. (Stefane Marion, Sept. 2010) + The risk of… Read More


Japan starts the race to devalue currency + Bank of Japan (BoJ) this week has purchased an estimated $23 billion U.S. dollars (selling Yen) to lower their currency. + In 2004, BoJ spent an… Read More


Spruce Meadows Conference – Friday, September 10th Mark Carney: + “Without the successful completion of G20 reforms, the current recovery is at risk.” Paul Volker: + “This isn’t what we normally think of as… Read More


Private Sector US Employment Improvement? + Private Sector employment increased 67,000 in August + Challenger Gray & Christmas reported planned job cuts were down 17% in August to the lowest level in 10 years.… Read More


To Stimulate or Not to Stimulate? + Fed Chair Ben Bernanke reiterated today they will do all that they can and “would provide additional monetary accommodation through unconventional measures if it proves necessary.” +… Read More