10 Second Headlines


Dave Rosenberg – Comments on Canadian dollar + The C$ will gain at least 20% in the next 5 years, and he believes this forecast will prove to be conservative, not bold. Supported by:… Read More


Canadian Unemployment + Economy added a net 22,000 jobs in December (38,000 full time positions were added and 16,000 part-time were lost). + 66,000 jobs were added in manufacturing. + Only 4 provinces added… Read More


10 Second Headlines will return in its regular format on January 7, 2011 Merry Christmas And Wishing you A Happy Holiday Season!… Read More


Bank of Montreal + Bank of Montreal is acquiring Marshall & Ilsley (M&I) for US $4.1 billion in stock at US$7.75. + Q3 book value of US$9.39, 374 branches, US$38 billion of deposits, and… Read More


Around the World + International Energy Agency increased its forecast for 2011 global oil demand by 260,000 barrels, to 88.8 million barrels a day. + The national apartment vacancy rate decreased to 2.6% (near-record… Read More


Canada’s November Jobless Rate Falls + Jobless rate 7.6% versus 7.9% in October and employment rose by 15,200 (forecast approx 20,000). + Healthcare and social assistance led the job gain at 28,400, while 40,400… Read More


Canada’s National Securities Commission + Alberta Finance Minister Ted Morton said “It would make more sense for Saskatchewan and Alberta to have a single commission….between oil and gas, mining, agriculture and forestry, we have… Read More


China + China increased bank reserve requirements by 50 bps, 5th increase this year. + China may impose temporary price controls on daily necessities to counter the fastest inflation in 2 years. Food prices… Read More


Quote of the Week: Dallas Fed President Fisher – “The US does not suffer from a lack of low interest rates. Nor does it suffer from a lack of liquidity. What it suffers from… Read More


Preparation for G20 Summit – Seoul, Korea, November 11-12th China: + China “understands the Fed’s QE2 policy from the angle that it wants to revive the US economy and increase employment. But the problem… Read More