10 Second Headlines


Around the World + International Energy Agency increased its forecast for 2011 global oil demand by 260,000 barrels, to 88.8 million barrels a day. + The national apartment vacancy rate decreased to 2.6% (near-record… Read More


Canada’s November Jobless Rate Falls + Jobless rate 7.6% versus 7.9% in October and employment rose by 15,200 (forecast approx 20,000). + Healthcare and social assistance led the job gain at 28,400, while 40,400… Read More


Canada’s National Securities Commission + Alberta Finance Minister Ted Morton said “It would make more sense for Saskatchewan and Alberta to have a single commission….between oil and gas, mining, agriculture and forestry, we have… Read More


China + China increased bank reserve requirements by 50 bps, 5th increase this year. + China may impose temporary price controls on daily necessities to counter the fastest inflation in 2 years. Food prices… Read More


Quote of the Week: Dallas Fed President Fisher – “The US does not suffer from a lack of low interest rates. Nor does it suffer from a lack of liquidity. What it suffers from… Read More


Preparation for G20 Summit – Seoul, Korea, November 11-12th China: + China “understands the Fed’s QE2 policy from the angle that it wants to revive the US economy and increase employment. But the problem… Read More


Wednesday, November 3rd US election will be history. Federal Reserve announcement, market is looking for Quantitative Easing of $500 billion to $4 trillion (buying assets to provide liquidity and keep interest rates low). GDP… Read More


Quantitative Easing China (QEC) + China is buying Greek bonds, and that has driven yields down to under 9% from over 12%. They are also buying other European bonds and assets in strategic industries… Read More


US + A Chinese economist stated that the US is deliberately devaluing the dollar, creating a bad precedent for the rest of the world. + Ben Bernanke said today that high unemployment and low… Read More


Japan – Recommitted to stimulating their economy + Bank of Japan announced a $60 billion US quantitative easing program allowing them to purchase commercial paper and more importantly REIT’s. + Government approved $61 billion… Read More