10 Second Headlines


Interest Rates + Average Prime Rate in Canada for the past 10 years is 4.87%, currently prime is 2.25%, the lowest rate in the past 10 years. + Average posted 5 Year Mortgage Rate… Read More


China + 1 in 2 Chinese are unhappy over inflation . Premier Wen Jiabao said that inflation, along with income inequality and corruption could upset social stability and undermine the power of the state.… Read More


Ottawa + Federal Government has opened up access to foreign investment in the telco sector. BCE, Rogers, and TELUS have become more attractive to foreigners. United States + Household and business sectors continue to… Read More


US Productivity Productivity of the US worker surged 6.9% in Q4 2009, largest one year gain since 2002. Size of the workforce is no larger today than in September 1999, yet the economy is… Read More


US Consumer February Consumer Confidence down 10.5 to 46 (average 71). New Home Sales hit a record low 309,000 annualized, breaking the March ‘09 low of 332,000. Existing Home Sales down 7.2% in January.… Read More


Up close with Dennis Gartman

My partner, Jane Alm, had a chance to meet with Dennis Gartman this week. The following are the key points from their meeting:

10 Second Headlines for the Week – 12-Feb-2010

Canadian Housing Bubble

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  • Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is being pressured to do any or all of the following: increase minimum down payments, reduce amortization, and tighten lending… Read More

10 Second Headlines for the Week – 05-Feb-2010

US Economy President Obama proposed $3.83 trillion budget ($1.56 trillion deficit), recommended increasing taxes on energy, banks, and families earning more than $250,000. US defense spending is about 75% of the country’s personal income… Read More

10 Second Headlines for the Week – 29-Jan-2010

US Economy Existing Home Sales sank 16.7% in December to a four-month low. Sales by first time buyers plunged to 43% from 51% in November and the University of Michigan home-buying plan index fell… Read More

10 Second Headlines for the Week – 22-Jan-2010

Central Banks China, for the 4th time in two weeks, has tightened its credit policy in order to head off inflation and cool asset bubbles. This time they have said that they will ‘punish’… Read More