10 Second Headlines


Canada’s Trade Surplus nearly doubles + March trade surplus rose 76% to $627 million vs February. + Exports rose 3.5% while imports were up 2.8%. + Exports of energy products rose 5% and forestry… Read More


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – Canada 58,000 jobs added in April (forecast was 20,000). Employment/population ratio is at 61.9%, a 27-month high. Full time jobs were up 108,000 over 2-months, best showing since Oct 2009.… Read More


A Synopsis of ‘End Game’ by John Mauldin and Jonathan Tepper + Bigger government = lower growth + Greece has a fundamentally unstable system and needs to restructure debt. + There are 3 large… Read More


One on One with Larry Jeddeloh, Managing Director and CIO, TIS Group + Irish banks will restructure their debt 40 – 50% by May or June. + Federal Reserve will be in a ‘permanent’… Read More


Global Interest Rates + European Central Bank increased interest rates by 25 bps to 1.25%; the first increase since 2008. This is the 1st time in 40 years that the European rate has risen… Read More


Chinese consortium betting on BC Coal + Chinese consortium is making a $1 billion bet on metallurgical coal in British Columbia to secure a key raw material for its steel making industry. + Construction… Read More


Canadian Government Falls + No confidence vote passed in the House of Commons, bringing down the Canadian government. A federal election is expected in early May. Parts from Japan + Auto industry is being… Read More


Canadian Budget Expectations – Announcement Coming March 22nd + Budget deficit to be $39.5 billion and balanced by 2015 + Minor tax cuts, no increase in spending + Guaranteed Income Supplement increase might move… Read More


Canadian Employment Growth Led by Alberta + Alberta accounted for 13,700 new jobs as Canadian employment grew by 15,100 in February. + Alberta has added 35,300 jobs in the past 2 months, matching a… Read More


Agriculture + Global food price index rose to an all-time high in February. Wheat is up 58% y/y, corn up 87%, and rice only 6.5%. Food crisis is less severe than 2008 because rice,… Read More