10 Second Headlines


Chinese consortium betting on BC Coal + Chinese consortium is making a $1 billion bet on metallurgical coal in British Columbia to secure a key raw material for its steel making industry. + Construction… Read More


Canadian Government Falls + No confidence vote passed in the House of Commons, bringing down the Canadian government. A federal election is expected in early May. Parts from Japan + Auto industry is being… Read More


Canadian Budget Expectations – Announcement Coming March 22nd + Budget deficit to be $39.5 billion and balanced by 2015 + Minor tax cuts, no increase in spending + Guaranteed Income Supplement increase might move… Read More


Canadian Employment Growth Led by Alberta + Alberta accounted for 13,700 new jobs as Canadian employment grew by 15,100 in February. + Alberta has added 35,300 jobs in the past 2 months, matching a… Read More


Agriculture + Global food price index rose to an all-time high in February. Wheat is up 58% y/y, corn up 87%, and rice only 6.5%. Food crisis is less severe than 2008 because rice,… Read More


Alberta Budget maintains “Alberta Advantage” + With any other tax system Albertans and Alberta businesses would pay at least $11 billion more in taxes each year. + Albertans have: 1. higher basic personal exemptions… Read More


Next Tuesday, Feb 22nd look for a feature article in the National Post on the Angus Watt Advisory Group Highlights from the lunch with the High Commissioner from India + Largest democracy in the… Read More


Fear of Drought + China, the largest global wheat consumer at 17%, is enduring a prolonged drought in 42% of its main growing region. + Afghanistan is being threatened by a serious drought and… Read More


Egypt + Roughly 40% of Egyptians survive on less than $2 per day. + The price of unsubsidized bread rose by 10X in 2008 and the cost of rice doubled in 1 week. +… Read More


Potential Global Inflation or Commodity Inflation? + Canada’s annual inflation rate increased to 2.4% in December due to higher gasoline prices. + US Q4 GDP increased 3.2%, led by consumer spending and trade. +… Read More