10 Second Headlines

Apr. 12, 2013

GLOBAL ECONOMY – WEAKER DATA March US Retail sales fell 0.4%, weaker than expected. Stripping out cars, gasoline and building materials, sales fell 0.2%. March US Producer Prices fell 0.6%, the biggest drop in… Read More

Apr. 5, 2013

CANADA’S UNEMPLOYMENT – March 2013 The national unemployment rate climbed to 7.2% versus 7.0% and Alberta’s rose to 4.8 versus 4.5%. In Canada, almost all losses were full-time jobs while private jobs collapsed by… Read More

Mar. 29, 2013

KEYSTONE PIPELINE UPDATE The US Senate approved language that encourages development of Keystone XL by a vote of 62 to 37. The US Defence Department said that to stop using fuel from oil sands… Read More

Mar. 22, 2013

CANADIAN BUDGET $900 million in new spending, no new taxes or tax cuts. $400 million in revenue from closed tax loopholes and enforcement. Deficit grows to $18.7 billion, up $2.2 billion from November 2012… Read More

Mar. 15, 2013

OBAMA’S NEXT AGENDA TARGET – THE ENVIRONMENT? President Obama is speaking on energy today and is preparing to tell all federal agencies they must consider the impact on global warming before approving major projects… Read More

Mar. 8, 2013

Under the hood of the Alberta Budget No tax increases or new taxes. Total population growth estimate 100,000; equal to a city the size of Red Deer or Lethbridge. The health care budget was… Read More

Mar. 1, 2013

Economic Data Canada Q4 GDP grew 0.6%, full year 2012 grew 1.8% vs 2.6% in 2011. Q4 exports grew 0.3% while imports declined 0.3%, the first decline in imports since Q3 2011. Statistics Canada… Read More

Feb. 22, 2013

CHINA VS OPEC Chinese state-owned oil companies spent a record $35 billion in 2012 buying foreign rivals. China’s national oil companies will produce 3 million barrels a day abroad in 2015, double their 2011… Read More

Feb. 15, 2013

Alberta Economic Summit – Keynote Speaker – Jim Prentice It has been too easy for us, being right beside a country that shares our values and has demand for our products. He stated “we… Read More

Feb. 8, 2013

Alberta Economic Summit Angus will be a presenter at the Alberta Economic Summit on Saturday, February 9th. Click here to view his presentation. Canadian Economic Data Canada lost 22,000 jobs in January and the… Read More