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Banks & Interest Rates The US Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, European Central Bank and Swiss National Bank have agreed to a three month, fixed rate, US dollar liquidity injection in… Read More


President Obama Address to Congress September 8, 2011 $447 billion jobs plan. 60% from tax cuts and 40% spending – all to be ‘paid for’ and not added to deficit. Tax cuts are for… Read More


White House Downgrades Economic Outlook in Mid-Year Review GDP growth for 2011 expected at 1.7%, revised down from 2.7%, and 2012 at 2.6% vs 3.6%. Budget deficit is expected to decline to 6.1% of… Read More


Bernanke sends a wake-up call to Congress + Fed Chair stated clearly that he will remain sensitive to further deterioration in the economic outlook and that the Fed is prepared to employ more measures… Read More


Canadian Banks – Foreign Exposure + As of December 31, 2010 only about 6% of the system total assets are related to Europe. + Any losses accruing to Canada’s banks from the debt work-outs… Read More


NBF Report on Global Water Crisis – China & India For a copy of this report, please contact us at james_angus.watt@nbf.ca + “Unlike poverty, this is not a problem China and India can simply… Read More

Special Edition

US Debt Down-Grade – Special Edition 10 Second Headlines of the Week – August 6, 2011 S&P Down-Grades US Debt + S&P down-grades US Debt from AAA to AA+ with a ‘negative outlook’. US… Read More


Employment Canada + Total jobs increased 7,100 vs 15,000 expected, unemployment rate 7.2% vs 7.4%. + Private Employment increased 95,000, best showing since April 2000. + Declines were in Education and Healthcare. Gains were… Read More


S&P Credit Ratings for G-20 Domestic Debt AAA Rating: Canada, Australia, France Germany, UK, US AA+ Rating and AA Rating: None AA– Rating: China, Japan, Saudi Arabia A+ Rating: Italy, S. Korea; BBB+ Rating:… Read More


Greece – second bail out package – “Restricted Default” + Leaders of the 17 Euro-zone nations agreed to a unprecedented plan to help contain the Greece debt crisis. + Overall plan is worth 109… Read More