10 Second Headlines

Mar. 7, 2014

EMPLOYMENT DATA Canada lost 7,000 jobs in February vs the expected gain of 15,000. The unemployment rate remained at 7% Alberta added 18,800 new jobs in February and the unemployment rate declined to 4.3%… Read More

Jan. 8, 2014

ALBERTA’S WEAK TECHNOLOGY SPENDING – STATISTICS CANADA 30.1% of Alberta companies invested in advanced technologies compared to 36.5% nationally, 44.2% in Quebec and 42.2% in Ontario. Leading Alberta in advanced technology investment is 57.8%… Read More

Feb. 21, 2014

CHINA China’s January imports rose 10.8% Y/Y to a record $169 billion. Volume imports of copper, iron ore, and crude oil all hit new historical highs. China is aiming for a 9.5% annual growth… Read More

Feb. 7, 2014

IMPACT OF WEATHER Winter storms across the US in January will probably cost more than $3.5 billion in economic losses, according to Aon PLC. As well, at least 21 people were killed from January… Read More

Jan. 31, 2014

EMERGING MARKET CURRENCY DEVALUATIONS VS A STRONG US DOLLAR Argentina has devalued their currency by approximately 30% since November 2013 in their efforts to control inflation. Workers can only purchase US dollars to a… Read More

Jan. 17, 2014

The Angus Watt Advisory Group will be on a retreat on January 24th therefore 10 Second Headlines will resume on February 7, 2014. GLOBAL INCOME DISPARITY The World Economic Forum (WEF) says the chronic… Read More

Jan. 10, 2014

EMPLOYMENT FIGURES United States The US added 74,000 jobs in December vs the 200,000 expected. This is the fewest jobs added since October 2008. The unemployment rate declined to 6.7% from 7%. Over 2/3… Read More

Jan. 3, 2014

BRITISH YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT – “NOTHING TO LIVE FOR” A YouGov poll conducted for the Prince’s Trust found that 9% of 16-25 year olds felt they have “nothing to live for” and that increased to… Read More

Dec. 20, 2013

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you the very best of the holiday season. 10 Second Headlines will return on January 3, 2014. US FEDERAL RESERVE The Fed announced… Read More

Dec. 13, 2013

INTEREST RATES Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz said his policy interest rate may remain unchanged for “quite some time” as the central bank weighs the risk of a sharp correction in housing prices… Read More