July 16, 2021


  • LifeWorks (formerly Morneau Shepell) survey shows an acute crisis among executives and managers because of the COVID pandemic and associated stress.
    • 50% of business and public sector leaders are contemplating leaving
    • Almost 25% are considering resigning
    • Many more are thinking of moving to a less demanding position or retiring
    • 75% reported exhaustion
    • 80% are working more hours than normal


  • Farmers across large parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are facing severe drought conditions and grasshopper infestations.
    • Several municipalities have declared states of agricultural disaster
    • Ranchers are running out of hay to feed their cattle
  • Alberta’s combined industries account for more than 21% of all Canadian goods exported.
  • 2019 Alberta’s agri-food sector contributed $9.2 billion in GDP
    • Employed 77,000 Albertans
    • Sales of $15.8 billion (2nd largest industry represent 20.8% of manufacturing sales)
  • Alberta’s Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. is scaling up a proprietary refining process that transforms plastic, wood, paper and organic waste into diesel, kerosene and naphtha fuel at their carbon neutral plants.
  • Shell and Scotland’s Iberdrola are teaming up to build the world’s largest floating wind farms.
  • EU is going to plant 3 billion trees as part of their forestry strategy to absorb more greenhouse gases and promote biodiversity.
  • Global electricity consumption will surge this year with fossil fuels supplying 50% of the increased energy.
  • Britain is banning all new diesel and gasoline heavy vehicles starting in 2040.


  • Lumber futures have officially erased all the gains made in 2021; prices are down on the year.
    • 2 months ago, lumber was the top performing commodity
  • Transportation Canada has imposed new rules on CP and CN railways.
    • Must be able to respond within 60 minutes to any fires detected along BC rail lines
    • Conductors are responsible for spotting fires or smoldering areas
    • Rail companies are required to remove vegetation and combustible material near tracks
    • Train speeds are reduced on ‘hot’ days in areas where fire risk is extreme
  • Ottawa and Quebec are providing $685 million (34%) towards a $2 billion initiative for new aerospace technology.