May 28, 2021


  • Federal Reserve, Bank of Japan, Bank of England, Bank of Canada, European Central Bank, China and others are reiterating that they believe cryptocurrencies are:
    • Vehicles for speculation and volatility is extraordinarily high
    • Should not be considered a real investment
    • Barely used for purchasing goods or services
    • Has no intrinsic value
    • Require high amounts of energy to mine
  • ‘Stable coins’, currently being explored by various countries, are different:
    • have assets to back up their value
    • meet legal standards and healthy governance codes so could become a form of payment in the future


  • Hong Kong developers are offering a $1.4 million apartment as a prize for residents who have been vaccinated.
  • California’s “Vax for the Win” campaign is giving away $116.5 million in prizes…30 winners will get $50,000 each for 1st vaccine and then 10 winners will get $1.5 million each for 2nd
  • Greece will use a “COVID-19” pass to allow fully vaccinated tourists starting this summer.


  • Daimler has committed to convert its heavy trucks to zero-emission vehicle within 15 years.
  • Microsoft has teamed up with Accenture, Goldman, and climate groups to develop and share ways to build software that produces fewer carbon emissions, especially in data centers.
  • International bodies are calling for climate change studies to become part of the worldwide school curriculum.
  • Royal Dutch Shell has been ordered by a Dutch court to slash its emissions 45% by 2030 vs the 20% Shell had proposed.
  • Vortex Bladeless has invented a bladeless wind turbine that oscillates to collect wind energy and transforms it into electricity at 30% of the cost of conventional wind energy.


  • Microsoft says the Russian hackers behind the ‘SolarWinds campaign’ have increased their attacks on US federal agencies, think tanks and non-governmental organizations.
  • Japan’s MTG co., has started selling the “Evering”, a microchip embedded ring that could act as a digital wallet.
    • Struck a deal with Visa for an initial batch of 3,000 rings in Japan
  • Tesla is phasing out radar sensors and is shifting to camera-based autopilot.