Nov. 20, 2020


  • The Angus Watt Advisory Group at National Bank Financial is thrilled to invite you to National Bank’s very first ‘Invest In You Conference for Women’ on November 24, 2020. Click here to register!
    • You will learn about retirement planning from a panel of experts and special guest, sociologist and professor Hélène, Belleau.


  • Both Pfizer and Moderna have COVID-19 vaccines that are more than 94% effective.
    • Pfizer has applied for an Emergency Use Authorization from the US FDA
    • Moderna is compiling more safety data and expects to seek an Emergency Use Authorization later this month
    • Most side-effects have been mild or moderate and short-lived, include: fatigue, headaches, and pain at the injection site
    • No reports of any ‘serious’ safety concerns
    • Both require 2 injections…Pfizer 3 weeks apart and Moderna 4 weeks apart
    • Immune response takes about 2 weeks to develop after the second injection; we will still need to practice social distancing, mask wearing, etc
  • Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca are also in late-stage trials and could deliver results this year.
    • Immune response takes about 2 weeks to develop after injection
  • Researchers do not know how long either vaccine will protect against COVID-19, this will be tracked over the coming many months.


  • 4 ‘W’s’ reducing oil demand: Windier, Warmer, Wet Weather, Working from Home.
  • University of Calgary “suggests building new renewables is now cheaper than operating existing fossil power plants”.
    • Greengate Power, provides 1/3 of Alberta’s wind-generating capacity, and is launching Canada’s and perhaps North America’s, largest solar power installation (Travers Solar Project) to take advantage of Alberta’s cloudless skies .Will produce 465 mega-watts of power (in the range of a nuclear reactor)
    • Deep Earth Energy Production is building a 20 mega-watt power plant to use geothermal energy. It will take 100,000 metric tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere, equal to 31,000 cars.
  • Prime Minister Trudeau introduced legislation setting emission reduction targets for Canada to achieve its net-zero pledge by 2050. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Setting targets every 5 years beginning 2030, with requirements to assess how to remedy if failed to meet
    • Report each year on ‘key measures taken to manage financial risks and opportunities related to climate change’
  • China is promoting the development of hydrogen-powered cars, trucks and buses.
  • Enbridge is starting a pilot project next year to blend hydrogen from the Markham facility into part of the existing natural gas network.
  • Indigenous group, Natural Law Energy, is investing up to $1 billion in Keystone XL pipeline.


  • South Korea is using a ‘healing forest’ to help improve overall health of citizens. Vital statistics are measured before and after a walk through the forest, so progress can be monitored. This is showing a positive impact on cancer patients.
  • Amazon and big retailers in France have postponed Black Friday to Dec 4th.
  • Starbucks is increasing pay for staff in its US outlets by at least 10%, effective December 14th.
  • Home Depot is spending $1 billion more on employee compensation.