Sep. 25, 2020


  • Edmonton company, Graphene Leaders Canada is starting a trial on a COVID-19 saliva test with the Edmonton International Airport that produces results in seconds. If successful, it could assist in restarting travel.
  • Only 29% of Canada’s small and medium businesses are back to full sales.
  • Trump administration “Warp Speed” program budget is now $18 billion vs $10 billion routinely sited. The extra funding has come from Personal Protective Equipment and public health programs.
  • US Centers for Disease Control said that a 75-year-old is 220X more likely to die from COVID-19 than her 27-year-old granddaughter.
  • Britain is encouraging people to work from home, has reduced gathering sizes, and is closing pubs and restaurants at 10:00 PM to curtail the spread of COVID-19.
  • UK is looking at a ‘challenge’ trial where healthy people are vaccinated and then exposed to COVID-19.
  • Moscow’s mayor is urging more work from home as cases hit 3 month high.
  • Income earned from work worldwide dropped by an estimated 10.7% ($3.5 trillion) in the first 9 months of 2020 according to the International Labour Organization.


  • Canadian crude by rail exports have fallen 88% to 39,000 bpd in July (an 8-year low), down from 325,000 bpd July 2019.
    • Record shipments were 412,000 bpd in February 2020
  • Alberta’s renewable energy sector could be the Canadian leader in utility-scale wind and solar capacity by 2025 according to Rystad Energy. It forecasts that 83% of the combined utility-scale wind and solar capacity building in Canada over the next 5 years will be in Alberta.
  • California is banning new gasoline powered cars by 2035, a first in the US. Electricity demand may push power demand beyond capacity.
  • Shell is cutting up to 40% off the cost of producing oil and gas to save cash so it can overhaul its business and focus more on renewable energy and power markets.
  • Tesla suffered a global network outage, disabling the mobile app and blocking some vehicles from starting.
  • Cement production accounts for 7% of global carbon emissions.
    • LafargeHolcim, world’s #1 cement maker, is reducing emissions 15% by 2030
  • Walmart is targeting 0 emissions from its global operations by 2040. They also plan to secure enough wind, solar and other renewable energy to power its facilities with 100% green power by 2035.
  • Amazon has launched a climate-friendly program to help customers shop for 25,000 sustainable products. This is part of its commitment to be net carbon neutral by 2040.
  • Airbus has unveiled 3 ‘concepts’ for a hydrogen powered airplane.
  • Hong Kong’s Gammon Construction is now using massive lithium-ion batteries to power the giant cranes that erect high rises.
  • China pledged to become carbon neutral by 2060.


  • August US home sales increased to their highest level in nearly 14 years, up 4.8% to 1.011 million units.
  • Q2 US household net worth increased 6.8% to $119 trillion from $111.4 trillion Q1, the largest quarterly gain since records began in 1952.
    • Value of equities gained $5.7 trillion
    • Real Estate increased $458 billion
  • Federal Reserve chair, Jerome Powell, says the recovery is ‘highly uncertain’ and has argued that fiscal stimulus is required.
  • BC called a snap election for October 24th.