Apr. 24, 2020

THE POWER OF STAYING INVESTED (Jonathan Durocher, NBF Wealth Management)


  • For economies to re-open, we will need to feel comfortable and safe.
  • Saskatchewan became the first province to announce a reopening plan comprised of 5 phases with physical distancing and screening measures in place:

Phase 1:

      • May 4: Medical services including dentists, optometrists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, occupational therapy, boating and fishing can open
      • May 15: if cases remain low, golf courses reopen with restrictions

Phase 2 (if cases remain low):

      • May 29: non-essential retail stores, hairdressers, massage therapists, acupuncturists and acupressurists reopen
      • June 1: online campground reservations reopen

Phase 3 (if cases remain low, date to be determined):

      • Aestheticians (manicure, pedicure etc), piercing, tattoos
      • Restaurants at 50% capacity and licensed establishments
      • Gyms
      • Child-care centres
      • Limits on public gatherings increase to 15

Phase 4 (if cases remain low, date to be determined):

      • Casinos, bingo halls, curling rinks, swimming pools, municipal parks and playgrounds, movie theaters, museums etc.
      • Seasonal programming ie: camps, athletic activities
      • Limits on public gatherings increase to 30

Phase 5 (if cases remain low, date to be determined):

      • Will include lifting of long-term restrictions
  • In the USA, Georgia will reopen their economy on next week.


  • New York electricity use has fallen as much as 18%.
  • Coffee machines around the world go on later each day.
  • Morning electricity use in Singapore is down about 10%.
  • Power use dips between 2pm and 5pm as people go out for a walk. Pre-lockdown, it went up.
  • Evening power use is up, with increased internet usage and more tv watching.
  • We are going to bed later; demand now drops off between 10pm and midnight.