Jun. 28, 2019


  • Canadian GDP grew by 0.3% in April vs 0.5% in May lead by a 11% gain in oilsands extraction.
  • Canadian canola stockpiles have reached their highest level since 1980 in March.
  • China has temporarily suspended all meat imports from Canada citing “obvious safety loopholes” in Canada’s export system including counterfeit health certificates and ractopamine residue.
    • In the first four months of 2018, China imported $310 million of pork and $64 million of beef from Canada, making up 22% and 6% of Canadian exports respectively
  • Canada and the Netherlands have begun testing a paperless travel program allowing passengers to use their phones instead of a passport.
  • Canada to team up with Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft and Google in new ‘Tech Against Terrorism Program’ to help small companies identify and eliminate terrorist content.
  • Twitter has banned political ads in Canada until the day the federal election is officially called.
  • Jasper National Park’s mountain pine beetle populations have declined for the first time in 6 years thanks to a 98% mortality rate.
    • 403,000 acres (14.5%) of Jasper National Park has been infected by the pine beetle


  • Edmonton will replace half of the glass roof of the Edmonton Convention Center with solar panels creating the largest building-integrated installation in Canada (22 year pay-back period).
  • 477 investors representing $34 trillion (50% of global invested capital) told “the governments of the world” they need urgent decisive action in response to climate change.
  • The manufacturing of cement is responsible for 6.9% of global C02 emissions. More than all of the trucks in the world.
  • In April, clean-energy (68.5 million MWh) supplied more electricity than coal (60 million MWh) in the US for the first time.
  • A project combining three massive solar farms capable of providing enough power for a city the size of Newark, New Jersey is planned for the Nevada Desert.
  • Nearly 200 European airports have pledged to achieve net-zero emissions at the European hubs by 2025.


  • 40% of people in Canada, Australia and US feel that social media has a negative impact on democracy.
  • The first union at Uber in Greater Toronto has been established with 300 of 90,400 total ride hailing drivers in the city.
  • In 2nd quarter 2019 the median selling price of homes was too high for the average American wage earners in 75% of the US’s real estate markets.
  • San Francisco has become the first US city to ban e-cigarette sales.
  • FedEx is suing the US Government stating it should not be liable if it inadvertently shipped products that violated Trump’s export ban on some Chinese companies.
  • The global manufacturing sector could lose 20 million (8.5%) jobs by 2030 due to robot automation.
  • PT Garuda Indonesia Airlines to test drone’s capability of caring tons of air cargo.