Nov. 10, 2017


  • Edmonton makes it on the list of World’s 100 Best Cities 2018, in 60th place (Resonance Consulting)
    • Top 100 cities are based on 6 categories: promotion, prosperity, programming, product, and place
    • Edmonton scored higher in people, programming, and place
    • The catalyst has been the Rogers arena, and the revitalization of downtown
    • Attributes include proximity to oil sands, “festival city” reputation, University of Alberta, and healthy immigration
    • This ranking is important to attract young talent, investment, new Canadians, and companies


  • Bitcoin reached a record high of $7,888 on Wednesday, but quickly dropped to $6,718 on Friday
    • Bitcoin Cash is a clone of bitcoin that some traders have switched to
    • Bitcoin Cash’s transactions are processed in “blocks” that are larger in capacity than bitcoin’s, making it possible to process more transactions at any given time, thereby reducing fees
  • Bitcoin’s energy consumption
    • Each Bitcoin transaction requires the same amount of energy needed to power the average American household for a week
    • There are roughly 300,000 transactions per day
    • Today, the worldwide Bitcoin mining industry is using enough energy to power 2.26 million American homes annually
    • Bitcoin’s electricity consumption is 0.12% of the world’s electricity consumption
    • A bitcoin mining hub is developing in Iceland where the natural temperature reduces the cost for cooling computer hardware
    • Carbon emissions are becoming a concern: for every hour the coal powered “Mongolian Bitcoin mine” operates, it is responsible for at least the CO2 equivalent of 203,000 car km travelled


  • Thursday the U.S. Republican Senators unveiled their tax plan
    • The corporate tax would become 20% vs current 35%, yet the changes are delayed till 2019
    • Elimination of federal deductions for state and local taxes
    • The mortgage interest deduction remains $1mil
    • Tax breaks for 401(k) retirement accounts and charitable contributions are kept
    • Both the Senate and the House of Representatives total 2018 deficit is estimated to be larger than the goal of $1.5 trillion over 10 years


  • Canadian Federal government intends to legalize marijuana by July 1, 2018, yet provinces want to push the date as they need more time for establishing policing, distribution, and regulation of sales. Next provincial meeting with P.M. is set for December 8th
  • U.S. Air Forces Central Command said in Dubai that the ballistic missile that was intercepted by the Saudi air defense from Lebanon this week had “Iranian markings” on it
  • Saudi Arabia granted “citizenship” to a robot named Sophia