Manpower Survey – Alberta’s Employment

+ Edmonton: Q3 Net Employment Outlook of 23% is an increase from 12% in Q2. 27% of employers plan to hire while 4% are cutting back.

+ Calgary: Q3 Net Employment Outlook of 18% is a decrease from 22% in Q2. 22% of employers plan to hire and 4% are cutting back.


+ China’s Liberation Army daily said the US is “pushing another internet war to stormy peaks.” US alleged that China hacked into Lockheed Martin and Beijing countered that they are the ones that are vulnerable.

+ Citigroup says 360,000 accounts were hacked in May. Hackers are no longer interested in just stealing money but also peripheral information. The global black market for email addresses and national ID numbers is now worth an estimated $5 billion, according to Frost and Sullivan.


+ Economic and Finance ministers are working on new Greek funding plan, due by June 19th. IMF to decide whether to release 3.3 bln Euros to Greece…can only release funds if they are assured Greece can fund themselves over the next 12 months.


+ Top US lawmakers set July 1 deadline to reach broad debt-reduction deal.

+ IEA is forecasting steep rise in oil demand to 95.3 million bpd in 2016 from 88 million bpd in 2010 pressuring OPEC to increase output by 400,000 bpd to 30.1 million. China accounts for about 41% of the forecast gain in consumption.