Middle East Peace Talks as Interpreted by Larry Jeddeloh, TIS Group

+ Reaction to Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress this week is a message to the White House that Israel has the support of the American people.

+ The issue of Palestinian statehood will come to a head at the UN in September.

+ Expects Egypt to have a revived Muslim Brotherhood running the country.

+ Pew Research Polls show that between 77%-84% of Egyptians want some form of sharia law and want an ‘Islamic’ government. 84% want the death penalty for leaving Islam.

+ Israel will have unfriendly nations on it is borders by year end.

National Bank

+ Exceeded quarterly earnings expectations by 1¢ per share at $1.69 up 19¢ from a year ago.

+ Increased dividend by 5¢ to 71¢ quarter, 2nd increase in the past 9 months.

+ Announced the purchase of Winnipeg based Wellington West Holdings for $200 million net. Wellington West has 223 advisors in 50 branches across Canada.

+ NBF will have approximately $67 billion in Assets Under Administration and 983 advisors in over 130 branches across Canada.

+ 48% of retail revenues generated outside of Quebec.


+ US regulators are suing 2 well-known traders and 2 trading firms owned by Norwegian billionaire for allegedly making $50 million by squeezing oil markets in 2008.

+ More than 300,000 Canadians moved from one province to another in 2009. Alberta was a primary beneficiary of this movement.

+ US Markets will be closed on Monday, May 30th for the Memorial Day long weekend.