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10 Second Headlines – Special Report – Slave Lake, AB

Alberta’s Largest Crisis:

Summary of Deputy Minister of Executive Council, Brian Manning’s speech at the Canadian Manufacturing and Exports dinner.

+ Minimum 10,000 homeless residents; 3,500 are staying in shelters.

+ Residents received between 5 minutes and a few hours to evacuate.

Impact on residents is immense:

+ 1/3 of community is destroyed, 1/3 is partially destroyed, 1/3 is undamaged.

+ Personal belongings lost (including identification, passports, medications).

+ Jobs and businesses destroyed.

+ Water is completely contaminated and will not be safe for 2 – 4 weeks.

+ Hospital is undamaged, but 9 of 13 physicians and a majority of the nurses have lost their homes.

Timeline for recovery:

+ Basic Services – 2 to 4 weeks

+ Residents whose homes were partially destroyed – approx. 3 months

+ Residents whose homes were completely destroyed – approx.12 to 18 months

+ Community recovery – 2 to 3 years

Provincial Support:

+ Premier Stelmach announced that the Province will provide $50 million in financial compensation to the area starting this weekend.

+ Premier Stelmach added “infrastructure like water, roads, bridges, the electricity coming back – all of those can be recovered expenses under the Disaster Recovery Program.”

Economic Impact on Alberta Oil Industry:

+ More than 100,000 barrels of daily production has been halted.

+ Up to 200,000 barrels might be temporarily halted for safety reasons.

+ Precautionary stoppages in power and electrical services have impacted many companies, including: Cdn Natural Resources, Cenovus Energy, Royal Dutch Shell, Apache Corp, Murphy Oil Corp, Pengrowth Energy Corp, ARC Resources, and Baytex.