One on One with Larry Jeddeloh, Managing Director and CIO, TIS Group

+ Irish banks will restructure their debt 40 – 50% by May or June.

+ Federal Reserve will be in a ‘permanent’ quantitative easing mode for the foreseeable future.

+ The increased stress along the Japan trench has placed Tokyo at a higher risk for a major earthquake, according to a recently released report.

+ Nuclear power is dead going forward – buy liquid natural gas (LNG).

+ Likes gold and expects it to peak in July – September 2013.

+ Likes silver and agriculture.

Global Growth

+ China’s economy grew 9.7% in Q1 and inflation accelerated in March to the fastest pace since 2008. CPI rose 5.4% YoY.

+ India (Asia’s third-largest economy), saw wholesale prices rise 8.98% in March.

+ US Consumer prices rose 0.5% in March, core prices (ex food and energy) were up 0.1%.

+ NY Manufacturing index rose for 5th consecutive month, crisis in Japan seems to be having little or no effect.


+ As America and China have grown more economically and financially intertwined, they have also stepped up spying on each other, mostly electronically. China now has the upper hand. Hackers seem to be looking for everything from computers to designs for multi-billion dollar weapons systems.