Quantitative Easing China (QEC)

+ China is buying Greek bonds, and that has driven yields down to under 9% from over 12%. They are also buying other European bonds and assets in strategic industries such as ports and shipping, this is giving Europe the necessary time for their self healing.

+ Globally, they have announced that they have purchased $8.3 billion of oil and gas assets. ($3.3 billion in US and $5 billion in Africa).

+ The Heritage Foundation in the US has indicated that China invested $13 billion in foreign mining acquisitions in 2009 and they expect that number to exceed $100 billion in 2014.

US Business Leaders Optimistic

+ UPS sharply boosted guidance for all 2010. CFO Kurt Kuehn said “even with a modest-growth economy we can show good expansion in revenue and earnings.”


+ Jim Shaw is stepping down as CEO of Shaw Communications effective January 13, 2011. He will be replaced by his brother, Bradley Shaw.