Is this a bull market “Climbing a Wall of Worry”?

+ Big banks are getting recapitalized. Example: Bank of America’s earnings explode.

+ Big tech companies start rehiring – Intel plans to add 2,000 and Cisco, an additional 2 – 3,000

+ Consensus Estimate S&P500: 2010 is $80, target of 1,200; 2011 is $90, target of 1,350

+ Sentiment is wildly bullish now at 51.1%

+ Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, could not have been more cautious in his economic outlook this week especially because “44% of the unemployed have been without a job for six months or more”.

Goldman Sachs charged with fraud by SEC

+ In addition, Goldman vice-president, Fabrice Tourre, who was principally responsible for creating and selecting the CDO packages, has been charged.

+ SEC has filed a civil suit arguing that Goldman played a major role in picking the mortgage-back securities to be put in the portfolios and when the market softened, knowingly shorted these same securities for their own benefit.

+ SEC argues “Many investors were not aware of how disadvantaged they were by these CDO structures”.

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