Global View of the Canadian dollar – Higher or Lower?

+ Canada is a safe-haven currency given our stable monetary and fiscal policy.

+ Canada’s resource base is ensuring our participation in the global recovery.

+ According to PIMCO, countries to avoid include Greece, UK, PIIGS, while they consider the US to be a “less poor” alternative.

Canadian Employment for March

+ We added 17,900 new jobs (gained 32,200 part time, while full time jobs declined 14,400)

+ New jobs were created in construction, natural resources, and professional services. These represent less than 10% of the total workforce, the remaining 90% of the workforce lost 16,300 jobs.

+ Hours worked were down 0.4% MoM which is equivalent to a 70,000 employment cut.

+ Wages dropped 0.1% MoM for the second month in a row, broad based across sectors.

David Rosenberg: “US Government – Robin Hood or Artful Dodger?”

+ The longer people are unemployed the higher the probability that they will find new employment with much lower wages and benefits.

+ The US is experiencing an increase in the number of working poor.

+ All levels of US governments are looking to raise revenues. For example, Florida is examining whether to increase user fees, increase sales tax, and raise the retirement age.

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