+ 1 in 2 Chinese are unhappy over inflation . Premier Wen Jiabao said that inflation, along with income inequality and corruption could upset social stability and undermine the power of the state.

+ China is “More Concerned” about Iran’s nuclear policy. Iran is China’s third largest supplier of oil, and the largest source of liquefied petroleum gas and liquid propane.

+ China is actively ‘growing’ their armed forces and is beginning to put together what might become a ‘Blue Water’ (ocean-going) navy.

+ Unnamed sources say Google will leave China on April 10.

United States Health Care

+ In the past the US paid for increases in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid through cuts to defense spending . This cannot continue, changes will require higher premiums and new taxes. (Higher employment costs)

+ President Obama will not campaign in the fall for any Democrat who votes ‘no’ on healthcare.

+ President Obama’s approval rating is below 50%, one of the steepest declines on record for a new President.

+ 40% of Americans do not pay taxes.


+ Canada’s CPI up 1.8% annualized in February 2010. The Olympics contributed to a 16% increase in accommodation prices in the month and British Columbia was the only province to have increased growth.

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