+ Federal Government has opened up access to foreign investment in the telco sector. BCE, Rogers, and TELUS have become more attractive to foreigners.

United States

+ Household and business sectors continue to deleverage as Q4 domestic, non-financial debt grew 1.6%. Slowest growth rate in almost 60 years.

+ Manpower Inc. survey says 81% of employers expect to make cuts or to not hire.

+ 40% of jobless Americans have been out of work for at least 27 weeks, largest in history. In some states, like Illinois, workers can be unemployed and receive benefits for up to 99 weeks.

+ Demand for US Dollar is weakening as the Euro appears to be bottoming. Greek debt problems are becoming ‘everyday’ news.


+ Alberta Government’s competitive review announced a new royalty program and it has been well received by the oil and gas industry.

+ Focus will be to increase jobs and encourage innovation.

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