10 Second Headlines of the week 12/11/09

10 Second Headlines of the Week 11-Dec-2009

World News

Taxes, taxes, everywhere :
  • In the State of Georgia, speeders will be paying a surcharge of $200,
  • In Massachusetts there is a new 5% tax on satellite TV.
  • Both France and the UK are considering taxing bankers bonuses by 50% and using the revenues to create jobs.
Chinese Factory Output up 19.2% in November
Volkswagen is buying a 1/5th stake in Suzuki Motor Corp; they are looking for dominance in India as VW see to become the #1 automaker.


  • ‘Orphaned’ homeowners in the US face foreclosure. Even though they have impeccable payment histories, they cannot get refinancing for their mortgages because the credit crunch has shut off the funding pipeline of non-bank lenders.
  • US House price estimates for 2010 and 2011, click here
  • US Retail Sales up 1.3% in November, double what was expected.


  • GE has secured a $1.4 billion contract to supply wind turbines which will power 235,000 California homes when the project is completed in 2012.
  • Panasonic is buying control of Sanyo. Sanyo’s expertise is in solar panels and rechargeable batteries.