10 Second Headlines of the Week 27-Nov-2009

      Dubai, the Persian Gulf Emirate whose state run companies are seeking to defer debt payments, may owe more than $80 billion to $90 billion in liabilities.
    • – Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC appear to be the lead lenders
    • On December 1st President Obama will announce his final decision on the war in Afghanistan.
    • – It’s estimated that each additional soldier sent could cost taxpayers $1 million
    • – 40,000 soldiers to cost $40 billion/year
    • So far this year US cash has been redirected into bond funds at an astounding rate.
    • – $300 billion versus $10 billion for equity funds
    • – A bond bubble is more likely than a equity bubble
    • In September, the Teranet-National Bank Composite House Price Index was up 1.3% from the month before.
    • – The fifth consecutive monthly rise after eight consecutive declines. (click here for chart)
    • Canadian corporations earned $54.1-billion in operating profits in the third quarter.
    • – Up 7.9% from the previous quarter after three consecutive declines
    • – 18 of 22 industries reported higher profits
    • – Profits for oil and gas, and petroleum and coal, increased 20.4% to $5.9 billion, marking their first increase in four quarters
    • – Manufacturers reported $9.4 billion in operating profits in the third quarter, up 28.6% from the second quarter (click here for chart)