Become A Client

As “Full Service Investment and Insurance Advisors” in Edmonton it is our job to help you formulate your investment plan, implement it, and then monitor and adjust as necessary in the effort to achieve your investment goals. Given the complexity of Canadian public market investment, everyone needs a trusted advisor to partner with. If you are too busy to keep track of your investments why not partner with us and “Invest in the Experience” that we offer.

Our daily radio and television market report broadcasts only summarize a small portion of the information that our group evaluates moment by moment in the interest of providing the right advice at the right time to our clients.

Getting started as a client of the Angus Watt Advisory Group at National Bank Financial can be either a gradual process of you getting to know us and our getting to know you, or it can be an accelerated process of forms, transfer, and inital meeting. Either way, whatever your preference, we are ready to provide whatever is needed.

If you would you like to hear from us, please feel free to contact us.