About Us

In today’s times, invest in the experience with the Angus Watt Advisory Group.

With over thirty years of experience, Angus Watt is a true leader in Edmonton’s financial community. He has assembled the Angus Watt Advisory Group, a team of real specialists offering financial advice to real people. Individuals with decades of experience create a team with a true wealth of expertise. They haven’t just studied market booms and busts –they’ve lived and worked through them. The Angus Watt Advisory Group experience goes beyond years in the industry – it’s also the experience of working with their team.

The team’s investment and insurance specialists work together to ensure your portfolio is examined from every angle. When you come in, the Angus Watt Advisory Group takes the time to answer all your questions. It’s an experience that leaves you feeling equally confident and comfortable in the group handling your finances.

Investing isn’t just about your money – it’s about your time and energy. Spend it with a group of specialists who’ll take care of your financial needs – from investments and estate planning to insurance and benefits. In today’s times, invest in the peace of mind of working with true financial professionals.