Angus Watt Advisory Group

Online Access

It’s easy to get your own online access. Please email Jim Watt at and he will be in contact with you and provide you with a user name and password. Once you have the user name and password, you can click here for online access.

With online access, you can view the following:

1) “My Page”: A customized page featuring an ensemble of information selected by the client

2) “Portfolio”: Portfolio summary, Asset details, Transaction history

3) “Markets”: Overview, Stocks, Options, Fixed-income securities, Mutual funds. The pages and tabs in the “Markets” section allow clients to move from general to specific

4) “Research”: By sector, By alphabetic order, Publications of interest, New issues of note, Multi-criteria searching. All research publications are available as soon as they are published

5) “Analysis”: Virtual portfolios, Calculators, Currency converter