With over thirty years of experience, Angus Watt is a true leader in Edmonton’s financial community. He has assembled the Angus Watt Advisory Group, a team of real specialists offering financial advice to real people. Individuals with decades of experience create a group with a true wealth of expertise. Find out more.

The Angus Watt Advisory Group is Edmonton’s investment and insurance specialists. The professionals at the Angus Watt Advisory Group will examine your portfolio from every angle, and offer a wide range of services including investment advice, financial planning, insurance & benefits, corporate & personal insurance, and estate planning.

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Feb. 16, 2018
Winter rail challenges Increased demand from agriculture and the oil industry, combined with harsh winter conditions, created a rail car shortage, and the worst… Read More
Feb. 2, 2018
Beautiful BC (except when you die) (Source: Duncan Craig LLP) For estate planning purposes Alberta and B.C. are surprisingly different, for example: A $2… Read More

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